Hi All

Been a while since we last updated you on what was happening. For us personally, not a lot, we're building up relationships with a few people - at the moment concentrating particularly on just a few of them.

There are lot's of exciting things happening in and around Looe related to the Church, which is exciting. Hopefully I'll be able to release some more details about those things in the coming days and weeks.

Also, we've now made contact with The Salvation Army in Liskeard and are hoping to meet up with the CO (Pastor) there to forge some strong links. Also, it looks liek the CO was already aware of Grace Church here and is keen to create some good links there - perhaps this is another facet to our purpose here... more news as it happens!

Can we ask for particular prayer over 2 initiatives we're not involved in as yet: Street Pastors and Rusty Bucket (a Christian Coffee Shop/Community Centre in Looe) and also for those relationships I mentioned above.
  • About us

    Dave and Lucy are a young Christian couple from a Salvation Army background who are leaving everything in Reading to follow God's call to Cornwall.

    Our mission is to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ (see the4points.com) and tackle some spiritual warfare!

    To push back the darkness and claim the land for God
    To Save Souls, Grow Saints, Train Warriors and serve suffering humanity.