Things to wait for
Hi folks

Sorry it's been a while since my last post. The good news is that I have a couple of things I'm working on.

As promised I'm going to distil some of my reading/studying into a single post - this time I'm looking at the urgency of our mission. I actually started writing this post and got distracted a few days ago, so I'll try and get it finished.

In addition I have a vision or more correctly an encouragement from God that was revealed to me during our weekly pray group last week. It's a piece of encouragement that connects well with the post relating to urgency.

With regards to the prayer group, please continue to pray with/for us (Wed 2pm-3pm). Since we've started holding this prayer group we've seen things already start to happen - events that were in the distant future are closer, and we're now praying for individuals whose lives we're touching.

There are also a few new interesting things in development. At this stage they are very much at the ideas stage, but may turn out to be quite exciting. I won't say too much until I know more, but please pray for the Looe Community Groups (house groups).

Lastly, please pray that God will continue to lead us (by which I the Christians in Looe) and that we will continue to follow.
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