Street Pastors and Kingdom building
Hi all

Been a while since we've updated you all on what's happening here, so thought we'd update you on all the exciting stuff!

Both of us have been involved with the Street Pastor training, I'll be becoming a Street Pastor (Commissioning on the 5th December!) and Lucy will be backing us up with prayer as a Prayer Pastor. Preparations have gone well, with the exception of the key founding member and group coordinator being struck down with cancer and passing away last week.

If you want to help financially towards the Street Pastors in Liskeard and Looe, feel free to add a pledge to and I'll chase you up for it later. Anything in excess of the £300 I need to cover my costs will be added to their funds.

Some of our friends have progressed with their plans to have a Christian coffee shop in Looe (I think I mentioned it before) and now have a property. Check out and These are exciting times, a big Christian presence right in the heart of Looe and a fabulous meeting space.

The church at Morval recently had a meeting where they revealed a plan to invest into Looe big time, so we're looking forward to working with them in that respect. Hopefully this will take the form of a network of small groups, rather than empire building. If they don't go down that road, we certainly will.

So, few quick prayer points:
  • For Hugh's family as they prepare for his funeral tomorrow
  • Protection for the Street Pastors
  • Blessing for the Street Pastors as our formal training draws to a close
  • Blessing over the Rusty Bucket initiative and all the various things that includes
  • For guidance with building the Kingdom in Looe
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