Real progress!
Oops! It's been a little bit long since I last updated you all, very sorry!!

Best news first! Praise God, that flat that we liked (really a huge house with a bakery underneath it) was still available and was amazing, especially for the money. So we jumped at the chance. It's all ours now and we're just trying to sort out dates etc. We're hopefully looking at next Thursday to move in! Hooray! I'll keep you updated on the date.

So there's some good news, the bad news is that the job that had been promised to Lucy never existed. We made the effort to walk to the shop and visit the lady personally so that Lucy could say we were coming down soon and rather than being happy and saying something along the lines of "That's brilliant, when do you think you'll be able to start then?" she instead proceeded to offer Lucy a job - less hours and this time including Sunday mornings.

The conversation was a little odd, because obviously Lucy was extremely confused as to where "her" job had gone and the woman who had previously said it was no problem that Lucy wouldn't work Sundays was now saying that she had to work Sunday. So that hope soon evaporated.

Essentially we now need you lot to cover our move and Lucy in prayer. We need the move to go smoothly and we need Lucy to get a decent job in the community and soon! Praise God we know he will provide!


Yours in the battle,

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