Here and almost settled
Hi folks!

What an exciting couple of weeks it's been!! We're now here in Looe and pretty much settled into our amazing house! The only thing preventing me being truly settled is the fact that we still don't have the internet!

Due to a couple of issues the internet was slightly delayed, but all being well it should be sorted come Friday. At the moment I'm having to work with a broadband dongle, which is OK, but not brilliant. Mind you, I probably won't get higher speeds over the phone...

Anyway, my work is going well and Lucy now has a job!! She's got a job in a florist, all thanks to her making the effort to volunteer at one of the charity shops in the town. So she's getting to know everyone and I'm stuck indoors working... still, I have a lovely view of the river from my office...

We haven't settled on a Church yet, but that's mostly due to us not havign any transport to go to Grace Family Bible Church. The Churches in the town are lovely, but not quite on our wavelength. Still, we're making the effort to visit them and meet people!

On the subject of meeting people, Lucy and I are probably going to be attending auditions for a musical with the town drama group - an ideal opportunity for us to meet people. The audition is on Sunday evening, so it's a good job that Lucy didn't take any jobs that were on Sunday afternoons after all!

We really appreciate your prayers as we try and settle ourselves into the community here.

Yours in the battle

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