Launch +1? I'm afraid not...
So things have not gone according to plan.

The van only went in to a garage on Wednesday after lots and lots of phonecalls going round and round the varying companies all contracted to do the work of the insurer. The underwriter knows nothing about courtesy cars, the insurer explains that they have redefined the word "accident" to suit them - we only get a courtesy car in the case of third party fault. Apparently the fact that I didn't start the fire doesn't count...

So we have no vehicle (and possibly more importantly, nowhere to live).

Eventually, after much thought, we decide that the best bet is to stay with Lucy's parents in Bristol and for me to start work and save the holiday until we actually move. This way we can save up some money and get ourselves sorted - i.e. find a house etc.

This isn't how we planned it, but we're sure God will bring glory to it. Perhaps this is a case of in his time rather than in ours.

On a secondary note, the lorry that we had booked for our move didn't arrive. Thankfully I'd phoned the hire company on Friday just to make sure everything was ok and was told that not only was our confirmed booking not going to result in a Lorry, but also that they had phoned me to tell me... strange that I can't remember that phonecall...

Eventually, though, my parents managed to book a Lorry cheaper than I had managed which gave us enough to put our stuff in storage. It'll make the next stage of the move easier, and it will also free up some room here.

Keep praying! This is just a small delay! Looe... we're still coming!!
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