T-6 days and some good news!
It's hard to believe we're this close now. God, being the provider that He is, has fixed it for me to keep working for my present employer from home on a limited contract. This means I have an income (as long as I can get myself connected to the Internet) but work can pull the plug with only a weeks notice.
It means we have breathing space and time to get ourselves settled. Work have agreed to one weeks paid holiday (a few days more unpaid if I need them) which I will need to use to find a suitable wifi connection!
We actually don't have our accommodation sorted out yet, but will start off camping just outside of Looe whilst our stuff get's stored at Lucy's parent's house. All being well we'll have all our stuff back out of their house before they come back from holiday...
Your prayers regarding a job for Lucy (and a more long-term job for me) would be great and also for a suitable home somewhere in Looe. Finally, we still don't fully understand our purpose, so your prayers for that would be great too!
God is good! We will not go hungry!
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