An interesting development...
Sorry all for the lack of posts recently. Thankfully it isn't just because nothing has happened!

The van was finally finished a couple of weeks back and Lucy's Dad was kind enough to bring it down to us - to be honest, the amount of stuff that happened to it whilst it was in our possession I'm not sure I'd let me have it again... Anyway, so with transport we went to Grace Family Bible Church yesterday - a Church we had planned to visit but had been unable to.

The Church was lovely, we were made very welcome and the people we spoke to seemed interested in what we were doing, which is great. We'll definitely be going there again, just a shame it's outside of Looe...

Since we're on the main street in East Looe, we have the crowds go by at 2-3am on a Saturday/Sunday morning when the club kicks out and we'd been thinking about how we could engage with this group of people (also, how we could serve them) thinking along the lines of Street Pastors. At Grace yesterday morning, they introduced Street Pastors to the congregation, an initiative they're looking to get set up for next Summer (it'll take some time with planning and training etc.). We both signed up immediately!

On top of that, we're getting our own car, after a few months of sponging off Father-in-Law! It's a green classic-style mini!! Woop!

Now that things are gently plodding along, I'll try and keep y'all updated on what we're doing and how it's working!
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  1. Ann Says:

    Hi both, Its all coming together and certainly some good confirmation from God re the Street Pastor initiative - Hallelujah!

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