God's drawing His people to Looe
Oops... not sure why I didn't publish the below... wrote this last Tuesday, so it's actually referring to a week ago...

Whilst we were at Church on Sunday and being introduced to several people, one member of the congregation handed us a letter saying "this needs to go to one of our members in Looe, they're just down the road from you, now you have an excuse to meet them."

We were a bit scared, after all we didn't know who we were going to meet, but we were extremely surprised when we did meet up with them!

Amazingly this couple were also called by God to Looe!! They also told us that the Church we visited on Sunday have got big plans for Looe (them and God it would seem).

We have just met so many people who aren't originally from Looe but have been brought here... it's extremely exciting and we can see that the Church are extremely outward looking. So on our wavelength about getting stuck in and getting the good news out!

I can't wait to tell you more about what's happening! Keep praying that God will reveal His plan to us and Grace Community Church, pray that we will be faithful and honour HIs will!
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