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The prayer meeting went really well yesterday, thank you for all your prayerful support! There were 5 of us (including Lucy and me) but it was just right.

We spent an amazing amount of time just praising God for who He is and praying for repentance. Revival must start with us!

Whilst we were praising God and praying for Looe, I remembered how just a few weeks ago I asked you all the pray the promise of Jehovah Jireh (The Lord will Provide) over us. Please join with us praying “Jehovah M’Kaddesh” (The Lord Who Sanctifies) – pray that the people of God here will be set apart from the rest of the populace; not that we will be arrogant in our holiness, but that everything about us will draw attention to God. Pray that we will be worthy servants!

One other thing... my daily reading today was Jeremiah 18-21. The passage uses clay to refer to Israel on a couple of occasions: firstly that if the pot goes wrong, as long as it is still malleable the potter can fix it; but also if the pot is bad and has been hardened, all that can be done is smashing the pot. We have the Old Testament to prove that God will not think twice about “smashing the pot” if that is the only option available to us. May we always rest in the potters hands, being moulded by Him until the day of our completion – baked ready for his use!

“Send revival, start with me!”

Yours in the battle,


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  1. Ann Says:

    Praying using whichever one (or more) of God's myriad of names as appropriate is just so powerful.... I certainly found that to be true when praying to Him as Jehovah Jireh for you both. God is revealing His strategy for reaching the people in Looe! God bless xx

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