Prayer for Looe
On Friday, Lucy went to a prayer meeting for Looe with Grace Community Church (I had hoped to be there but was unable because of work) - they regularly meet in Looe once a month and prayer-walk through the town, but it was too wet and wild on Friday.

Whilst talking to one of the other people there it was decided that a more regular prayer-time ought to be held in Looe once a week. The leaders of the community groups tried to work out where best to hold the prayer meeting, but were sure they wanted it in the heart of Looe itself, so we offered our home and it looks like we'll be holding a weekly 1 hour prayer meeting here in our house for Looe.

Please pray for and with us:
  • Pray for Looe
  • Pray for Grace and its members and leadership
  • Pray for our home - that it will be a centrepoint in the community
  • Pray that action will follow our prayer
  • Pray for vision
  • Pray that we will listen and follow that vision
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